Hythe & Dibden Boot Exchange Service Launched

New boots for Christmas?

Please consider donating the old pair to our new ‘boot exchange’ service to help us build up a stock of boots.

This is a new service being run by the club to allow members to swap boots that are no longer needed for used boots in our stock that have come from players within the club.

If you have any boots to donate or would like to get involved, please contact Kati on 07787 187744.


Update on guidance to grassroots football clubs during Covid-19

It’s been a tough couple of months, and we’re all missing football! But hopefully now there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. We’re really proud of all our teams, who have been observing the rules impeccably during this difficult period.

This week has seen a new announcement by the FA regarding the permitted activity. Crucially, and obviously, social distancing must be observed at all times, not to mention common sense.

The hampshire FA website has confirmed the following…



• playing football individually (individual skills or fitness activities);

• playing football with your family or other people living in your household;

• an individual can play football with one other person who is not from their household.

• coaching an adult player one-to-one.


Not Permitted:

• coaching a child (U18) from a different household one-to-one. In order to comply with our safeguarding policy, a child must have a parent/carer with them, which doesn’t comply with Government social distancing requirements;

• two or more people from one household playing with one person or more from outside their household.


Hopefully the first step of many towards the return of football, but as much as we’re keen to get back into it, safety and child welfare is our number one priority. We will keep you posted with developments and announcements.



Louisa’s transition from parent to coach

Most coaches in grassroots football are parents who step up to take responsibility for the team their child gets involved with, often with little or no prior coaching experience, but plenty of their own skills and ideas. It may be daunting at first, but there is loads of support from the club, as well as other organisations.

Louisa went through the transition after watching her son from the sidelines at under 7s, to taking on the coaches role from under 8s and is now coaching the same team at under 9s, and enjoying the experience.

Like all new coaches, Louisa got straight into her FA Level 1 course qualification, which gives a great insight into the theory as well as practical guidance on the England DNA and four corners of youth football development.

As well as support from Hythe & Dibden, our various coach development sessions and our online coaching resources, Louisa reached out to the Saints Foundation to see how they could assist her on her coaching journey. They assigned her a mentor who attended training with her and gave some great guidance on training methods and ideas.

“You have to be brave, but just do it. There are so many resources out there, but the main thing is to ask for help. Doing it on your own can be so challenging, so make use of that. Don’t try and tough it out on your own.”

A big thanks to the Saints Foundation for supporting Louisa our Under 9 hornets, great to have the backing of Southampton football club.

You can read more about the Saints Foundation’s supporting role here.



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